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Stay at home dad struggles with diabetes

Okay so as everyone knows I was diagnosed with diabetes about 4 to 5 years ago and they tell you when you are diagnosed with it are you can live a normal life what a load of old crap I don’t either I don’t drink I try to eat healthy as I can not always as we all like a bit of a treat but not chocolate maybe the odd burger or something fatty yeah they tell me now my sugar level has skyrocketed I’ve bin feeling really tired and shit so what am I to do I want to work from home don’t feel I can hold down a job feel too tired sometimes to sit in front of a computer and feel my body aches not sure Monday is going to lead to the next and to top it all off I had my flu jab and it made me ill with a cold feel that someone is just kicked me in the balls really hard and I hope this will find you well I will try post something more along the lines of working from home just need to get that off my chest

Stay home dad needs to get his arse into gear

So it’s been awhile since I’ve done a post have been busy trying to help my daughter get ready for high school next year looking for schools and such me and my wife cannot decide I need to come my daughter so with that I have put the Internet marketing and trying to earn money on hold but I do need to step it up and start making a regular income which as we all know is not the easiest thing to do wish it was since I became a diabetic and have not been feeling very well it’s made me feel despondent and depressed so pushing away from Internet marketing was easy for me but I need to focus and give myself a swift kick in the arse hopefully you’ll agree so I will be trying to make more money and so if anyone does read this and have any ideas of a good strategy to make money with either click bank or any other affiliate marketing send me a message have a chat I doubt anyone actually read this as this is more of my thoughts and opinions and away for it to be off my chest so if anyone does I appreciate you reading this but I understand I started doing this as a way to free myself from my thoughts and feelings when my mum died are used to talk to her a lot these days I find it hard to talk to anyone even my family I would be very closed off so whoever is their solicitors thank you but I do guess no one does anyway back to the monotony of life thank you for reading I’ll see you on the next post

Stay-at-home dad gets depressed

Stay-at-home dad gets depressed

Okay so this is probably something people will avoid reading I think this post is mainly for me as most of them are so have been trying to make money as everyone knows I’m feeling a bit of a failure have made that much need to get out by straights have debts same as everyone else have two kids and a wife who depend on the so trying hard to make an extra income with affiliate marketing which if you are an affiliate marketer or starting out your nose difficult and am feeling that life is difficult at the moment really getting me down need to figure out what I’m doing I create the odd YouTube video in order post on my blog’s but don’t really do much else need to step it up and stop sulking need to give myself a severe kick in the Arse so maybe trying to rightfully consider go back is an answer I don’t know there will school for another 3 to 4 weeks that seem to feel getting anywhere maybe that’s the reason we’ll see need to step up one doing earn the money I know working with clickbank is the answer just need to fight good free traffic anyway sorry for the depressed you to if anyone actually did read this and I will create better content for this site as time goes on hopefully with positive messages and give it a canary site check out this positive message


Stay at home dad starts to panic

Okay so realised today about one week and two days before the kids are off for six whole weeks what the hell am I gonna do I find it hard to work when I hear a weekend in sick days and the time between then going to storm coming home isn’t long enough for me to do the things I want to do and be the stay-at-home dad I’m supposed to be looking after the house so blind panic hit me today what the hell am I going to do I guess I have to figure it out somehow but not sure how to do that yet I have a few ideas and trying to make a few of my website automated obviously not this one and I have another one on working on this one is for more of my thoughts and opinions on anything else not sure even if anyone actually checked our side not sure if that bothers me or not I suppose it would be nice if someone would read what I write but it’s more for me to express myself I just don’t know why I feel I have to write it down because it’s my way of getting off my chest since my mum passed away this is the only way I feel I can do that so with that in mind I will go I feel I’ve rented long enough if someone is one reading this thank you if not I’m still going to continue so until the next post I’ll leave you with some positive words

Stay-at-home dad been really busy sorry check out CB passive income

Stay-at-home dad been really busy sorry

Okay so I’m sorry haven’t posted anything in a while I have been really busy with my two girls and a few school issues plus the car broke down real life can be a bit I think we all know that just today want to do something a little different after an opinion not just an opinion she we think of my opinion so I was thinking of buying The CB Passive Income I will put a link in the description in the bottom here you can take a look for yourself to see what you think and leave me a comment in the description I overall think is quite good I’ve been on YouTube to check out the videos it looks like just what I’m looking for is in a way to make money with click bank that works the overall look and description and everything else looks like just why need but what do you think is if you should I do it or should my is $97 one-off payment or 47 a month don’t quite understand the pricing but that’s the way it is but as for reputation and trust the person Patric Chan it isn’t the first time you put this out so it must be something very popular I didn’t really look at the first couple but it must be good it works I haven’t seen one complaint about it yet then I think we can all agree with trying to make money online then this could be a good way to do so so let me know you think I’m probably going to buy and I will give you more of a review on it when I do but by all means if you feel like purchasing it let me know what you think I will leave the link in at the bottom of this once again thank you for checking out my website and see you on the next post

check out CB passive income for yourself to see what you think

Stay-at-home dad been a bit lazy

So for the last 23 weeks have been a bit lazy and not been able to get much done and to be honest but we haven’t had the motivation to get and either that he’s been bothering me and keep getting writers block if you like eBay and slow so have not been selling much but am thinking of trying to buy some more stock from AliExpress is great for things you like to sell on eBay even a gift for a family member good quality and very reasonable I’ve been selling pendants and necklaces and bracelets and they go quite well on eBay just having a bit of a slow time of the moment anyway hopefully this post beneficial to you check out this link to check out AliExpress great website lots of stuff I don’t think they have a limit anyway once again thank you for checking out this post

Stay at home dad working with WordPress

Stay at home dad working with WordPress

So today I decided to re-train myself becoming a WordPress I would like to say WordPress professional but like always time will tell I managed to get my hands on some really good training course to do with everything wordPress my plan is to start offering my services on Fiverr and other places where I can get clients need help with WordPress creating fixing problems and such like that but for now I need to learn before I can offer this as a service I suggest if you are thinking you want to do with creating your own business such as this loan first don’t just rush and do the work otherwise you’re not offering people a good service and they will never come back I will check back in a few weeks I’ll let you know my progress hopefully I will be more qualified with WordPress then I am now why press it fairly easy to use anyway but as I’m learning at the moment there is a lot more to it so with that in mind I shall leave you to your day hopefully I find you in good standing and also don’t stop affiliate marketing I won’t be making the money see you on the next page


Stay-at-home dad sees guardians of the Galaxy volume 2

Stay-at-home dad sees guardians of the Galaxy volume 2

So when I would my brother tonight to see guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 great movie lots of action the storyline and while I was out I had a bit of a thought that I haven’t really given anyone on this site anything I just put down my complaints and give you nothing for it so I wanted to offer a free e-book to everyone offer the link underneath this post today with a picture of the product offering feel free to just click on the link and take it is all yours just enter the details and you’ll be emailed to you it’s a very good e-book to help you get traffic for your PPC office just to prove that you can get something from doing nothing is the strangest thoughts you have what you’re watching a movie to think about giving something for nothing these days everybody thinks everyone is out for something this is just a simple blog I can give you all sorts of different things if I hear of anything good I will let you know as the months and years go on before now this one is a good one take advantage see you on the next post I will have a fantastic week

click here for your free download

Stay-at-home dad start working with Amazon

Okay so finally got the kids back to school today and I realised for a long time now I haven’t been doing much work with Amazon associates so the last couple of days I have been posting certain products that I think might be desirable to people with varied niches health and beauty to fitness on social media Twitter Facebook and YouTube and then one day I got 172 hits on no sales role of hit free traffic so try and find out what you’re into looking for which is what I’m in the midst of doing now. I start posting straightaway Amazon give you a present on any products you sell with them for your affiliate link so that in mind would you not try to sell very expensive products not everyone has the magic I’ve put a minimum of £30 or 30 bucks which ever country you’re from and a maximum of £200 there are many ranges of products that you can just make a Facebook page review the products don’t forget to post the video and is affiliate’s is a good way to make money just need to find a good strategy that works for you I’ll let you know my progress over the coming weeks but I’m not stopping with Amazon for the time being will carry on with all my other things quite bank eBay you do the same for you on the next one

Stay at home dad make good money on eBay

Well with me being off over Easter my Internet marketing has slowed up but selling of my children’s old toys on eBay has really paid off as I’ve been making fair money on my children’s oh toys and some things I buy from car boot sales cheap and sell for more as I know they’re real value is come up for everyone who is looking for an extra bit of money we all have things lying around the house that we don’t always need or maybe you have to have something you don’t need eBay is a great way to make a study bit of money on your extra wage or income considering what we stay at home dad can work for you see you on the next post