Kids are offered have been sick for a month

Okay so I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while I have been sick for a month and now the kids are off the half term so things have slowed down from me been quite ill have said before I think a diabetic so when I get a bug hits me quite hard but still I’m trying to do my little bit of work U-tube and such I have actually created a channel to go along with this blog which I might try it out at the moment I’m just promoting JVC products on the I think a good and I use but this blog isn’t for selling it for my thoughts and opinions on hopefully someone can get something from but like I said I haven’t done that much created a few videos almost got banned from one YouTube channel but other than that been a slow month so there we go but I am trying to get back to the as you can see by me doing this blog post today stick with the once a week but I said I would do created a few small sniper sites are not sure what sniper ring is check out Google sniper he wantonly collapsed let me know but other than that I’ve not done much like I said before feeling pretty rough sleeping a lot have still made some money but nowhere while want to be anyway are leave it there because it’s a pretty dull post really and see unless post and will leave a little message at the bottom here thank you


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