Stay-at-home dad feeling very frustrated

Hi so today very frustrated redoing my home Internet marketing plan has been difficult and time-consuming and unprofitable I took down everything I consider to be spam which very much everything and realised a while ago I was marketing wrong clearly and down thought I would try some other tactics and no checking other product first try to be more of a trustworthy and believable marketer because let’s face it that’s what I thought I was until someone pointed out that I wasn’t so now I’m trying to create videos that are educational learning good stuff like that and now trying to create training courses to help people on obviously making sure the not doing what I had been doing and is time-consuming and I’m getting frustrated and annoyed because I’m not going fast enough obviously but the rest of his I need money and not feeling that I’m getting every fast so feebly down today through I would just plough a short post today and I have one out for a week at I doubt anyone is actually reading it is mainly just for me to get my opinions out if someone does read just think I’m a crazy person or maybe they feel like I do frustrated with trying to make money in other ways than the norm anyway will do a post again soon hopefully will be feeling a bit better not so depressed and fed up just would like to see some nice sales coming in and what I’m doing work I will end their

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