Stay-at-home dad having a slow month

Well, having a slow month not been doing very much not been feeling very well well as I’ve probably said before I am a diabetic and I have been having a really nasty bug so I’ve been taking it easy and get back to doing my usual thing making money with her CPA marketing at the moment and a little bit of youtube but unfortunately I just haven’t had the motivation and feeling quite rough today can’t seem to shift the bug so anyway hoping that I will be able to crack on and give you some better information then the fact I’ve been feeling ill I did get my payment £65 from YouTube paid into my account didn’t get anything through the post to say congratulations or anything like that not really sure if I will if I do I will make a young post here so crack on with your work and see if you can get you to working for you I need to stop being so much of a lazy git get going next week have got the kids also how much I’ll get down I don’t know but I will try mother should roundup this week and month sorry I haven’t posted much of anyone does read this leave you some words of wisdom at the bottom to you on the next post thank you very much


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