Stay-at-home dad start working with Amazon

Okay so finally got the kids back to school today and I realised for a long time now I haven’t been doing much work with Amazon associates so the last couple of days I have been posting certain products that I think might be desirable to people with varied niches health and beauty to fitness on social media Twitter Facebook and YouTube and then one day I got 172 hits on no sales role of hit free traffic so try and find out what you’re into looking for which is what I’m in the midst of doing now. I start posting straightaway Amazon give you a present on any products you sell with them for your affiliate link so that in mind would you not try to sell very expensive products not everyone has the magic I’ve put a minimum of £30 or 30 bucks which ever country you’re from and a maximum of £200 there are many ranges of products that you can just make a Facebook page review the products don’t forget to post the video and is affiliate’s is a good way to make money just need to find a good strategy that works for you I’ll let you know my progress over the coming weeks but I’m not stopping with Amazon for the time being will carry on with all my other things quite bank eBay you do the same for you on the next one

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