Stay at home dad starts to panic

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Okay so realised today about one week and two days before the kids are off for six whole weeks what the hell am I gonna do I find it hard to work when I hear a weekend in sick days and the time between then going to storm coming home isn’t long enough for me to do the things I want to do and be the stay-at-home dad I’m supposed to be looking after the house so blind panic hit me today what the hell am I going to do I guess I have to figure it out somehow but not sure how to do that yet I have a few ideas and trying to make a few of my website automated obviously not this one and I have another one on working on this one is for more of my thoughts and opinions on anything else not sure even if anyone actually checked our side not sure if that bothers me or not I suppose it would be nice if someone would read what I write but it’s more for me to express myself I just don’t know why I feel I have to write it down because it’s my way of getting off my chest since my mum passed away this is the only way I feel I can do that so with that in mind I will go I feel I’ve rented long enough if someone is one reading this thank you if not I’m still going to continue so until the next post I’ll leave you with some positive words

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