Stay at home dad struggles with diabetes

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Okay so as everyone knows I was diagnosed with diabetes about 4 to 5 years ago and they tell you when you are diagnosed with it are you can live a normal life what a load of old crap I don’t either I don’t drink I try to eat healthy as I can not always as we all like a bit of a treat but not chocolate maybe the odd burger or something fatty yeah they tell me now my sugar level has skyrocketed I’ve bin feeling really tired and shit so what am I to do I want to work from home don’t feel I can hold down a job feel too tired sometimes to sit in front of a computer and feel my body aches not sure Monday is going to lead to the next and to top it all off I had my flu jab and it made me ill with a cold feel that someone is just kicked me in the balls really hard and I hope this will find you well I will try post something more along the lines of working from home just need to get that off my chest

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