Stay-at-home dad where does all the time go

So have minimal to make a post have been really busy I’m finding that when I drop my girls at school and then get home the time just shoot by trying to do Internet marketing online make a steady income so I can help out with our financial situation rather than just being a stay-at-home dad but time to shoot by babies because I’m struggling to learn as I am dyslexic not place an excuse but I do find it a little bit harder than I should I think have a few training courses tried to go through and my attention just seems to move on to other things find I end up spamming people with office this one try not to do so tried to take it slowly and do it right hoping that making this blog can help me be the marketer I want to be will see will try to do more posts as I’m trying to work and then spend time with my wife and my kids I suppose you can’t have everythingc I guess we will see

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