Stay home dad needs to get his arse into gear

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So it’s been awhile since I’ve done a post have been busy trying to help my daughter get ready for high school next year looking for schools and such me and my wife cannot decide I need to come my daughter so with that I have put the Internet marketing and trying to earn money on hold but I do need to step it up and start making a regular income which as we all know is not the easiest thing to do wish it was since I became a diabetic and have not been feeling very well it’s made me feel despondent and depressed so pushing away from Internet marketing was easy for me but I need to focus and give myself a swift kick in the arse hopefully you’ll agree so I will be trying to make more money and so if anyone does read this and have any ideas of a good strategy to make money with either click bank or any other affiliate marketing send me a message have a chat I doubt anyone actually read this as this is more of my thoughts and opinions and away for it to be off my chest so if anyone does I appreciate you reading this but I understand I started doing this as a way to free myself from my thoughts and feelings when my mum died are used to talk to her a lot these days I find it hard to talk to anyone even my family I would be very closed off so whoever is their solicitors thank you but I do guess no one does anyway back to the monotony of life thank you for reading I’ll see you on the next post

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