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Stay at home dad tried new things

Okay I know have made a post in a long time that I thought it was about time getting to your chest is a good thing I have at a lot of things happen so today I decided I would invest some money in someone building me an affiliate site spent £80 which is probably about a $120 if you’re in the United States bit frightening like to spend money if I can help it was hoped that I could get affiliate marketing done without spending any money found the coil eBay had a chat quite a lot with him see what happens I paid him last night and the ball is rolling hopefully I will have a working affiliate site earning money will see I want everyone known here if anyone checks out this link so we’ll see what happens is always a facade you need to try and find a way to do things recently in a stay-at-home dad looking after my two daughters be very taxing and bringing some money I think really help so see what happens to be a good things could be a complete nightmare so wish me luck everyone anyone does read this and there if I haven’t said already happy New Year to you all and hope this years profitable and fun I look forward to doing more posts