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Stay-at-home dad working from home in 2017

Hi there my name is Wayne I have been a stay-at-home dad for about eight years and have been making steady money on and off with eBay and Internet marketing not a great deal in 2016 I lost my mum and have decided to spend my time working on bringing a steady income the kids are at school so I have ample time after I got them off to work on a few ways to bring in a steady income obviously I don’t have a great deal of money coming in so I cannot afford to spend much believe I have what it takes to make a steady income and not writing this blog to brag or to show you how it’s done blog is mainly for me to sound off at the days and weeks to come no success which I expect now I know that sounds depressing but this is the case with Internet marketing but 2017 my year I have spent previous years running around looking after my mum with my other brothers and sisters right had things I need to say I would say to her and she is not here now I needed to find a way to let these words out my opinion and how I feel is not really for anyone else but me but if anyone else can get something from it then I’m happy so today it is January 8 and I start my blog today had no income for over this three weeks with click bank have been selling on eBay a little bit not much and peerfly I have had nothing so now the only way is up hopefully if someone is reading this I hope you enjoy the journey I will try and get a bing up and running and working have not had much luck


Thank you for listening