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Stay at home dad working with WordPress

Stay at home dad working with WordPress

So today I decided to re-train myself becoming a WordPress I would like to say WordPress professional but like always time will tell I managed to get my hands on some really good training course to do with everything wordPress my plan is to start offering my services on Fiverr and other places where I can get clients need help with WordPress creating fixing problems and such like that but for now I need to learn before I can offer this as a service I suggest if you are thinking you want to do with creating your own business such as this loan first don’t just rush and do the work otherwise you’re not offering people a good service and they will never come back I will check back in a few weeks I’ll let you know my progress hopefully I will be more qualified with WordPress then I am now why press it fairly easy to use anyway but as I’m learning at the moment there is a lot more to it so with that in mind I shall leave you to your day hopefully I find you in good standing and also don’t stop affiliate marketing I won’t be making the money see you on the next page


Stay-at-home dad sees guardians of the Galaxy volume 2

Stay-at-home dad sees guardians of the Galaxy volume 2

So when I would my brother tonight to see guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 great movie lots of action the storyline and while I was out I had a bit of a thought that I haven’t really given anyone on this site anything I just put down my complaints and give you nothing for it so I wanted to offer a free e-book to everyone offer the link underneath this post today with a picture of the product offering feel free to just click on the link and take it is all yours just enter the details and you’ll be emailed to you it’s a very good e-book to help you get traffic for your PPC office just to prove that you can get something from doing nothing is the strangest thoughts you have what you’re watching a movie to think about giving something for nothing these days everybody thinks everyone is out for something this is just a simple blog I can give you all sorts of different things if I hear of anything good I will let you know as the months and years go on before now this one is a good one take advantage see you on the next post I will have a fantastic week

click here for your free download

Stay-at-home dad start working with Amazon

Okay so finally got the kids back to school today and I realised for a long time now I haven’t been doing much work with Amazon associates so the last couple of days I have been posting certain products that I think might be desirable to people with varied niches health and beauty to fitness on social media Twitter Facebook and YouTube and then one day I got 172 hits on no sales role of hit free traffic so try and find out what you’re into looking for which is what I’m in the midst of doing now. I start posting straightaway Amazon give you a present on any products you sell with them for your affiliate link so that in mind would you not try to sell very expensive products not everyone has the magic I’ve put a minimum of £30 or 30 bucks which ever country you’re from and a maximum of £200 there are many ranges of products that you can just make a Facebook page review the products don’t forget to post the video and is affiliate’s is a good way to make money just need to find a good strategy that works for you I’ll let you know my progress over the coming weeks but I’m not stopping with Amazon for the time being will carry on with all my other things quite bank eBay you do the same for you on the next one

Stay at home dad make good money on eBay

Well with me being off over Easter my Internet marketing has slowed up but selling of my children’s old toys on eBay has really paid off as I’ve been making fair money on my children’s oh toys and some things I buy from car boot sales cheap and sell for more as I know they’re real value is come up for everyone who is looking for an extra bit of money we all have things lying around the house that we don’t always need or maybe you have to have something you don’t need eBay is a great way to make a study bit of money on your extra wage or income considering what we stay at home dad can work for you see you on the next post

Stay-at-home dad works hard

Kids are off for Easter and I’m still trying to earn good money working from home I’ve learnt some money from could bring some money for JV my YouTube still keeps paying out £12 a month for the movie the more it goes up YouTube seems to be remains traffic source for me at the moment my blog is doing well I get lots of visitors may be able to tell I don’t post as well as much as I should but I try to keep my post truthful so to say there are many money is definitely true but from lots of different sources eBay being another one children’s I’ll toys they don’t play with it a good way to make a bit of money for the things you need like car maintenance and I’m sure there’s other things now with that I will leave you wish you all a happy Easter and I will see you in the next blog post I made you one more before Easter I’m not sure so happy easter

Stay-at-home dad having a slow month

Well, having a slow month not been doing very much not been feeling very well well as I’ve probably said before I am a diabetic and I have been having a really nasty bug so I’ve been taking it easy and get back to doing my usual thing making money with her CPA marketing at the moment and a little bit of youtube but unfortunately I just haven’t had the motivation and feeling quite rough today can’t seem to shift the bug so anyway hoping that I will be able to crack on and give you some better information then the fact I’ve been feeling ill I did get my payment £65 from YouTube paid into my account didn’t get anything through the post to say congratulations or anything like that not really sure if I will if I do I will make a young post here so crack on with your work and see if you can get you to working for you I need to stop being so much of a lazy git get going next week have got the kids also how much I’ll get down I don’t know but I will try mother should roundup this week and month sorry I haven’t posted much of anyone does read this leave you some words of wisdom at the bottom to you on the next post thank you very much


Stay-at-home dad make money with Google

Stay-at-home dad make money with Google

Hi there sorry have made a post and while not been feeling very well so I wanted to share something with you today not to brag because is not much to brag about but I made my first money with YouTube and Google something really I will receive £65 from several of my YouTube channels which I’ve been adding videos to some of the more Nitsch -related most of them are just random videos are part because funny all discuss promoting equipment product but I do now try to have some of my channels I email slaughter five of them as Nitsch-based channels it’s obviously one of the best ways to go and I’ve actually earned in the past 3 to 4 months 65 but by doing this now hopefully is roughly £11-£12 which is probably 18 bucks a month and I know that all of money but that’s definitely that’s residual and am promoting a product by creating a YouTube video now my next job is to upscale make more videos and keep doing that very same thing as well as everything else I do but I wanted to share that with you when I get hopefully I’m pretty sure you get a card through the post from Google saying you made your first money and from your AdSense account the hopefully one of them and I will take a picture of lamppost on this blog for you to see that it is possible to make money from Google and YouTube then not just take a gouge I keep my post more regular I know I haven’t in the past month I apologise for that if anyone waits for a post stay home dad is working hard and still has two kids to look after again so that has to be taken into account afraid my girls one very well either so I apologise for not publicly a post okay so they give arenas personal check the next one lever words to think about in the bottom

Kids are offered have been sick for a month

Okay so I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while I have been sick for a month and now the kids are off the half term so things have slowed down from me been quite ill have said before I think a diabetic so when I get a bug hits me quite hard but still I’m trying to do my little bit of work U-tube and such I have actually created a channel to go along with this blog which I might try it out at the moment I’m just promoting JVC products on the I think a good and I use but this blog isn’t for selling it for my thoughts and opinions on hopefully someone can get something from but like I said I haven’t done that much created a few videos almost got banned from one YouTube channel but other than that been a slow month so there we go but I am trying to get back to the as you can see by me doing this blog post today stick with the once a week but I said I would do created a few small sniper sites are not sure what sniper ring is check out Google sniper he wantonly collapsed let me know but other than that I’ve not done much like I said before feeling pretty rough sleeping a lot have still made some money but nowhere while want to be anyway are leave it there because it’s a pretty dull post really and see unless post and will leave a little message at the bottom here thank you


Stay-at-home dad feeling very frustrated

Hi so today very frustrated redoing my home Internet marketing plan has been difficult and time-consuming and unprofitable I took down everything I consider to be spam which very much everything and realised a while ago I was marketing wrong clearly and down thought I would try some other tactics and no checking other product first try to be more of a trustworthy and believable marketer because let’s face it that’s what I thought I was until someone pointed out that I wasn’t so now I’m trying to create videos that are educational learning good stuff like that and now trying to create training courses to help people on obviously making sure the not doing what I had been doing and is time-consuming and I’m getting frustrated and annoyed because I’m not going fast enough obviously but the rest of his I need money and not feeling that I’m getting every fast so feebly down today through I would just plough a short post today and I have one out for a week at I doubt anyone is actually reading it is mainly just for me to get my opinions out if someone does read just think I’m a crazy person or maybe they feel like I do frustrated with trying to make money in other ways than the norm anyway will do a post again soon hopefully will be feeling a bit better not so depressed and fed up just would like to see some nice sales coming in and what I’m doing work I will end their

Stay-at-home dad where does all the time go

So have minimal to make a post have been really busy I’m finding that when I drop my girls at school and then get home the time just shoot by trying to do Internet marketing online make a steady income so I can help out with our financial situation rather than just being a stay-at-home dad but time to shoot by babies because I’m struggling to learn as I am dyslexic not place an excuse but I do find it a little bit harder than I should I think have a few training courses tried to go through and my attention just seems to move on to other things find I end up spamming people with office this one try not to do so tried to take it slowly and do it right hoping that making this blog can help me be the marketer I want to be will see will try to do more posts as I’m trying to work and then spend time with my wife and my kids I suppose you can’t have everythingc I guess we will see