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Stay-at-home dad has a good day

Hi there so today I woke up with feeling very tired had to get the kids to school as usual so I decided to when I got home I would do my house do my chores and have a sleep I’ve probably not told you that I am a diabetic Type II not too serious but it takes allowed me some days today is one of those days and sometimes when I’m trying to concentrate on working from home it doesn’t always go the way I want to I sometimes feel so tired I cannot concentrate on what I’m doing so I decided to have a nice sleep and wake up and try and do some work then and it and got a offer up and running with my new PayPal business account or I have to do now is send people to it hopefully I will get some sales from it it’s a good offer but making the offer is easier than getting people to buy the offer so I will try a few traffic techniques and create a nice YouTube video and hopefully will get some people looking at it that’s my plan anyway still feeling very tired but hopefully will push past in the next couple of days is usually how it goes this one of the other reasons I work from home and not have a full-time job as well as the fact I look after my kids as I said in previous posts so wish me luck

Stay-at-home dad tries to work at home

Okay so I’ve been doing this now for eight years I’ve been a stay-at-home dad and on and off I have tried Internet marketing working with eBay and to my great disappointment have not made thousands of pounds I do hope there would to be honest the past eight years have been a bit rocky my two daughters I love very much are more needy than I thought they would be so my time is been spent with them and even on holidays and half terms I have to suspend work and my youngest one has only actually just gone to school so is been a difficult eight years in general my oldest is 10 and my youngest is five but now they are both at school I want to concentrate on making my businesses work I spent time looking after my mum and but now she has passed away it is time for me to concentrate on money because let’s face it if any other stay-at-home dad reads this you’ll understand you cannot get a job between work hours and my wife’s hours are erratic one minute she could be doing during a day next Mishawaka night how can you plan for that so working on eBay and click bank affiliate marketing basically is my way of bringing in extra money to help us I have earned some money but is no wild call a steady income which is why want to do to feel more of a man I don’t consider why do to be a woman’s job or a man’s job I just want to bring in some money so just lately I have been working more on YouTube hoping that the views will amount to money as I have monetise my YouTube accounts through this is Internet marketing lagers harder than I thought it would be and sometimes I feel like a failure there feel like I’m letting my family down so used to talk to my mum about this sort of stuff and how it feeling this is why I created this blog.really for anyone to read but they are welcome to if they feel like more for me to sound off how I’m truly feeling so today I’m hoping that I can pull my finger out my arse and get some work done and some money finding the motivation to be difficult see what tomorrow brings thank you for listening